Vizzone Label Group Presesents

a new recording by Nick Schnebelen

"Live in Kansas City"   




​Solo Dobro- the other side of Nick


Take a look at this great video at Knucleheads with Dewey Chapman, edited by John Kekeisen. Here you can catch a glimpse of Nick's Solo Show!

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Nick Schnebelen is and will always be dedicated to his electric blues sound and performs mainly with his band.  Something very special happened long ago on a recording session where Nick needed to feel the pulse of the kick drum while playing a dark, dirty blues song, so he stepped behind the drum kit with guitar and vocal mic and performed the track live. They way the guitar synced up with the kick drum was just what he was looking for. Thus, his solo blues performance was born.

He continued to explore and incorporate  this simple, raw style  into his family band's shows.  It became a feature of Trampled Under Foot shows for many years.  "People were really drawn to this part of the show, and I would've moved on to other ways to entertain and perform this style, but the fans loved it, so I kept it going!"  After many years, Nick will occasionally do a show of this nature, but it's only in select appropriate blues atmospheres.  Please enjoy this side of him and his music!