1. Mother In Law Blues (Robey)
    2. Nothin’s To Good For My Baby (Németh)
    3. Late Night Hour (Németh)
    4. Love Zombie (Németh)
    5. Up To No Good (Németh)
    6. Wake Up Baby (Williamson)
    7. Time Won’t Wait (Németh)
    8. Fetch That Wood (Németh)
    9. Every Night ’bout This Time (Bartholomew, Domino)
    10. Grizzly Bear (Németh)
    11. “Announcing itself with a blast of amplified harmonica, “The Jack of Harps” CD proves over 10 tough, excellently recorded tracks that John Németh & The Jacks are stellar exponents of retro-style blues (with a touch of William Clarke-inspired jazziness on “Fetch That Wood”). The original songs, including the excellent off-kilter “Late Night Hour,” the soulful ”Up To No Good,” and the stoptime “Love Zombie,” flash humor and quirkiness in appropriate measure. While Németh’s confident vocals and big-toned harp are center stage, The Jacks display an enviable command of dynamics and interplay. Don’t miss this.” – Tom Hyslop, Blues Revue