“I am so proud to announce the official release of my latest album Feelin’ Freaky on my new label, Memphis Grease Records! This has been a long time coming and is a huge milestone in my career. Feelin’ Freaky is an all-original album from the deepest reaches of my bag, produced by Luther Dickinson and performed by the Blue Dreamers along with the grooviest staples of the Memphis Scene. I have remixed, reformatted and remastered this album to meet my highest standards. Pre-order today and receive the title track “Feelin’ Freaky” to enjoy ’til this bad boy is fully released on May 19th.  Available on 180 gram vinyl, MP3 and CD from all music retailers.  Be sure to check out www.johnnemeth.com for my tour dates and awesome swag! Thank you for your support!”

    – John Németh



    1.  Under The Gun

    2.  S.T.O.N.E.D.

    3.  Feelin’ Freaky

    4.  Rainy Day

    5.  You Really Do Want That Woman

    6.  My Sweet Love

    7.  Gave Up On You

    8.  Get Offa Dat Butt

    9.  Kool Aid Pickly

    10. Long Black Cadillac